Representative samples of works are presented.  Selected art works are made available in limited signed editions.  They are printed on high quality photo paper and face mounted behind modern, frameless, gallery-quality acrylic Plexiglas which is then protected by an 1/8" Di-Bond aluminum or Sintra backing for guaranteed durability and longevity.  Cleats are attached to the back for easy wall mounting.  Unframed prints on museum archival quality photo paper using pigment based ink are also available.


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“I strive to balance the unbalanced mind, providing a sense of peace through the virtue of photography, and imparting human emotion through the simple power of composition, lighting and timing.”

The Artist's Invitation

Andrew C. Ko is a passionate international award-winning photographer and physician.

Andrew began pursuing photography with the realization that there are commonalities between this medium and the field of medicine in their ability to provide a sense of peace, comfort and harmony.  He has always been impressed by the virtue of photography in imparting certain human emotions through the simple power of composition, lighting and timing.  As an artist, he finds great satisfaction in knowing that perhaps even one of his works might produce a sense of calm and order in a world of chaos.  Through his work, he strives to balance the unbalanced mind, providing a meaningful level of peace in a world often consumed by tragedy.  He invites the audience to open their minds and enter the world as he sees it.

Most of Andrew's works consist of images taken not far from civilization.  Most of his landscape photography contains some aspect of human activities in them, as he sees such human activities as central in providing meaning to one's environment.


Photographer's note:  I am particularly fond of the idea that I am finally transferring electronic pixels to palpable objects that I can leave behind for my three lovely daughters.  These would be my simple gifts to them.  If I could share the same with the rest of world, I would be that much better for it.  I am also utterly indebted to my wife who always travels with me and points her finger where to shoot.